Learn about the Parks Forward Commission's recommendations

Parks Forward is an exciting initiative designed to bring out the very best in California’s State Park System. Beginning in the summer of 2013, an independent commission began a wholesale assessment of the park system, a process designed to address the financial, operational, and cultural challenges facing state parks to ensure the system’s long-term viability. On February 6, 2015, the Parks Forward Commission released its Final Recommendations, which call for a fundamental transformation of the Department, a rededication to working with park partners, and expansion of park access for all Californians. To view the Final Recommendations, click here. Para ver en Español, haz clic aquí. The Department has created a Transformation Team, which is dedicated to making this reinvigorated California park system a reality. More information on the Transformation Team can be found here.

In October 2015, the Commission met to assess the status of implementation of its recommendations, and it issued a report summarizing its findings, which is available here.